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I have traveled and even lived abroad mainly to Western Europe and the United States with grants, travel grants, and invitations form universities and cultural institutions as an Art Historian, researcher and curator. I am now a retired Art Historian and Curator of Contemporary Art (not photography). I have dedicated myself to photography as a passion/hobby since two years ago and currently that is my main activity. My intentions are most of the time to question the "realism" and "truth" of photography. Many times, I try to create photos that would stimulate the viewer to look more than once. I would like him/her to stop in front of the image and think what he/she is looking at. My goal is to problematize the gaze. I like to work with camera movement or the movement of the characters I am photographing, I am very attracted by reflections, sometimes I enjoy very much by the presence of shadows. Visual ambiguities are very appealing to me.


Montevideo URAGUAY


Sony A6300


abstract, fine art, street