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As long as I can think, I have been fascinated by observing people in everyday life situations, trying to make sense of their actions and to understand how they relate to their environment. Even as a child I could be dropped off somewhere, offering me a viewpoint on life unfolding under my eyes and then to be picked up hours later. This fascination took me quite naturally into studying anthropology and cultural linguistics. While others thrive on exoticism, it is normalcy and the underlying web of cultural and personal significations that attract me and provide me with a sentiment of happiness. This also influences my photography. Living in Nice - after Paris the most touristic and best known French city - I try to use my camera to witness life behind postcard views and to celebrate the beauty of everyday people in everyday activities. I love catching the moment never coming back, involving a minute but significant detail. I have recently explored the color blue more intensively to reveal another side of the denomination "Cote d'Azur" - "Blue Coast" used for the Nice region. French law is tricky for street photography - you normally need people's authorization to take their picture. Asking permission beforehand would destroy the candid street shot. I tried to build my own ethic framework around this. Never shoot to ridicule, show the picture as often as possible to the people afterwards and propose sharing or deleting. Today, there are many people I know by name in my neighborhood thanks to photography. If somebody feels beautiful thanks to a candid street shot, it feels like artistic accomplishment for me. In order to give back to the society that sustains me, I have often taken family or business photos for the people I met upon their request. This allowed me to explore a halal butchery and a Vegan restaurant, making me feel somehow useful.




Fuji X-T4, Leica Q2