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Photography is for me all the things that I do not want to forget in the moment I see them, in the space where I am found, I move, I listen and I observe. It cannot be objective, but it can be a constant reminder that the world is not what we see.

It is creation, communication, a narrative.

In other words, it is the representation of a truth, a fact that you are aware of at the moment of the click. A reality of your own that you feel the need to share with other people. A reality which can be different for someone else.

With this series of my photographs: 'From a Distance', which has also been captured in a photographic book, it is nothing more than an attempt to approach human moments that most often take place subconsciously. An effort that continues. Observing people from a distance, I feel that I am distancing myself and that I am becoming more objective more free!

The large horizon, the most complete picture of the space, creates an incomparable sense of harmony and form… a calm. So, many times you get the feeling of changing time with leaps into the past or the future.




Nikon D5300, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II


fine art photography, street