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I graduated in economics, studied painting and drawing at the Art Museum of Lima. My economic training integrated with photography allows me to understand the aesthetics and the human condition that people project. I work independently with different national and international non-government organisations. I have participated in exhibitions in Dubai, Italy, India and Peru. I have been awarded in national competitions and was a finalist in Photography Salons of France, the United States, and Peru.

DOWNTOWN LIMA PROJECT: On the basis of my photographic intention, which is: the search for the relationship of the individual within his urban environment, whether from the social, economic, religious, political, racial, etc. point of view, and all those ethnographic elements that allow us to identify this process of linking and identifying the individual and the city to which he belongs. For this reason, it is precisely this search that is posed in the images that I present, through the pretext of using the camera; flashes; color filter; slow speed technique combined with the dynamics and technique of street photography. This project started 6 years ago in the city of Lima, a city that lives at every moment, and its characters are combined in different facets, ages, colors, cultures, countries, etc. It is worth mentioning that my project started with black and white photography, then the use of the cell phone and now using artificial lighting techniques. DOWNTOWN LIMA tries to portray in a particular way on the basis of the above, the main subject of our city: OURSELVES.




Nikon, smart phone


documentary, street