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I'm Italian and an architect by training, but as long as I remember I’ve always taken pictures of stuff. I've lived in Switzerland, Tokyo, NYC, and London had been home for 9 years. I recently moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of 2020, and started properly focusing on photography. Photography is the way I know to really show other people how I see things. It's a way of knowing places and people and their stories, but also knowing myself, over and over again, as I realized my focus shifts and mutates with time. What interests me are things next to what is considered to be photographed, the obvious things, the imprecise moments without expectations, the reality where you think there is nothing to see. I’m naturally attracted by contradictions and those usually become the centre of my work.

In 2015, I’ve been part of a duo exhibition at Shipton Street Gallery, in London. In 2016 I’ve organized an exhibition called “For the Time Being”, focused around vacant, empty or abandoned spaces. The exhibition itself it was held in a vacant shop and the connected apartment of the former owner in King’s Cross, London, for Geddes Gallery. On that occasion I also self-published a book with the same title. In 2017, I put up my last exhibition in a London cafe called “So Far”, travel photography from around the world. In 2020, I’ve self-published a new book, called Ordinary Intimacy, which is now at Cloud Gallery, in Amsterdam. I’m currently working on a more bespoke and handmade version of it, to turn it into an artist book.

My photos are regularly published by digital platforms and magazine like LifeFramer, LensCulture, FocalZine, Just Life Mag, Estudio Visuales, The Smart View, Layers Magazine and many others. I’ve recently been featured in a piece called The Urban by Photo Meet and Northern Narratives, and few upcoming stories about to be published by Korper Mag, Then There Was Us and Mache’ Digital.




Canon 6D or 5D mark iii