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I'm a native NY'er with a illustrative background, I always worked in the arts and was always the photographer in my family. I learned to use a Pentax K1000 SLR back in the 80s, I have a Nikon DX digital, but all my street photography I do has been solely with my mobile Samsung Galaxy. Mostly black and white work with some color, I am drawn to compositions that usually have strong shadows and patterns. I also am sensitive to a lonely look or a person's condition who might not be well or down on their luck. I myself struggle with multiple sclerosis which derails me at times from my every day life. When I'm healthy enough to get back to it, my street photography has become a healing tool, connecting me to the city I love and all it has to offer. I will never's that important to me!


New York USA


Samsung galaxy s7edge and s10+