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I'm a teacher and I'm living in Nice. I am interested in photography as a whole and have a varied approach, even if I turned particularly to street photography. The graphic composition, very constructed, sometimes bordering on abstraction, is part of what I seek and is found in all of my work, with the exception of a few very different series. Shadows, lines and abstract forms, materials have a language that speaks to me. I use the environment, most often urban, as a setting in front of which I try to compose stories, integrating small details. The human whose presence is not necessarily direct - it can be a silhouette, a shadow, a material - is lost, anonymous in the geometry drawn by the cities, the material or the color, both mutually influencing each other. Photography is an integral part of my life.

"Eclipse": From an aesthetic point of view, the approach seeks the abstraction and geometry that shadow and colour can create in the city. Most of the photographs in this series were taken in Nice where the light is often bright, intense. In the narrow alleys of the old town, she draws bright canyons. Colorful facades and deep shadows combine to give birth to a geometric composition, sculpted by light. In front of this colorful and contrasting décor, sometimes on the edge of abstraction, I watch the fleeting shadows of passers-by who will emerge from the darkness to escape immediately. From a symbolic point of view, the series questions the transition from light to shade and the impact it engenders on the individual. Passers-by are nothing more than silhouettes, Chinese shadows: in the shadows they lose their identity, their peculiarities, their singularity. In the shadows, they become anonymous, they come out of the light of the city.




Canon EOS 5D