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I was born in 1986 and grew up in Calabria, South of Italy. Moved to Bologna in 2005 where I graduated in Economics and Marketing with a second degree in Social Communication. Photography helps me understand my place in the world while observing those aspects of the society that spark my curiosity. I believe that daily life scenes hide the secret of life.

Here is a series of photographs as a greeting from Bologna through an intimate look that evokes a nostalgic feeling. An introspective journey synthetising the relationship between the photographer and his city for twelve long years. Many contemplative walks become the opportunity to narrate the relation with this place: a story of lights and shadows, created by the characteristic arcades of the city center, and colour games: the warm tones from the “cotto emiliano”, the yellow, the red and the orange, all of which blend over everything. The people in the photos are actually the background completing the scenography illustrating Bologna's atmosphere, which is the real subject of these shots characterized by a suffused languor: just like during the last light of the day.


Bologna ITALY


Fujifilm X100F