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As I am a retired worker, it occurred to me to make use of my free time I could start taking photos. I started taking photos of objects, buildings, structures, etc., afraid of the human figure, and as I was feverish, I went out every day to photograph everything that caught my attention, and that everything started to attract my attention. I was beginning to see again. I discovered that I had a new love, like I was a teenager: photography. I did not know the force with which she is capable of catching one, becoming a simple attraction, a passion capable of absorbing all your thoughts, and always wanting to carry a camera with me so that, in this way, I can testify afterwards what my eyes are discovering. with the charm of an inquisitive look that surprisingly wakes up. I am lucky to be friends with the photographers and teachers Susana Arwas and Edgar Moreno who invited me to the classes that they teach in their workshops on composition and photographic projects. The type of photos that outline my propensity is determined by long years embedded in the social sciences, so it is almost a colophon that I am immersed in street photography with the nuance of black and white because it seems to me that it confers greater drama and contrast, although I also incorporate color when I think the image warrants it. The work I do does not obey a specific photographic project because what is specific is the street itself, which is the best reflection of the pulsating reality of everyday life in a society that is undergoing a process of transformation. Venezuela is a melting pot of races and that manifests itself in my photography. Older adults appear in many of my photos, perhaps this is a projection of my own self that identifies with people of my generation. Now I am happier and with a new life project filled with photos until I have full the last quarter of an hour I have left to live. I am a inveterate poacher of the street image, that fascinates me and causes me a kind of addiction for the volatile and unrepeatable scenes, is to be able to capture this ephemeral reality. The lights and shadows follow each other in moments and change in a few minutes and the action of the people is a matter of seconds. Everything has to coincide with the moment, which is not only a decisive moment but also a decided one. I do not intend anything other than to give free rein to my restless and curious eye and show the result of that passion for photography. I am a man of few words, that's why I use photography.




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