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I am born and raised in Vienna, Austria, but I have lived in a number of different countries and so I like to think of myself as a world citizen. About a decade ago I returned to my home town, but I continue to travel as much as I can. I have developed a strong passion for photography over the last few years. For some time I have become more and more interested in street photography, because of the endless surprises and unrepeatable moments one comes across. I enjoy "hunting and fishing" for motifs. Nature and culture are very close to my heart, and I enjoy exploring new places, and this is also reflected in the type of photography I do. I like my pictures to be candid rather than staged, but even so, aesthetically pleasing compositions are important to me, and so I look for that when composing pictures - if not possible while shooting, then through cropping in post-processing.




Olympus EM10 MarkII and EM5 Mark III


street, landscape, art...bit of everything