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Ever since I remember myself I loved photography. In school I was the class photographer. Later on my subjects were my family and the countries where I lived or travelled to. I have a Masters Degree in psychology and I later studied photography. My Aesthetics of Photography professor, Laura Dodson @lauradodsonphoto, always professed, ‘don’t photograph babies, pretty young girls or sunsets, as these subjects are beautiful in themselves and you don’t need to make any effort or put any thought into capturing them. Also, Laura encouraged me to exhibit during my studies and I never stopped since. I usually make a book to complement my exhibition. From the eight books that I have published, three were published for special events and the rest accompanied my exhibitions. My last book, ‘Casablanca’, was published for the exhibition of the same name at Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Athens. I contributed my photos for the book ‘Quartier Réservé’ or ‘Red light District’ under the direction of Jean-Francois Stazsak and Raphaël Pieroni, which was done for an exhibition scheduled for April 2019 in Casablanca and later in Geneva but was postponed indefinitely because of the pandemic. In Casablanca I belong to an association called Casamemoire, which was created to safeguard of Casablanca’s heritage. In 2015 I photographed Casablanca as our goal was to include Casablanca’s twentieth century architecture among the World Heritage Sites. I also photographed the interior of the buildings, which gave me the opportunity to talk to people, to get acquainted with their everyday lives and understand the reasons why they effected changes in the buildings. This experience was beneficial in helping me overcome my apprehension and shyness when asking people on the street if I could take a picture of them. I am a people photographer and I tried to include pictures of people in the architectural photos as much as possible, which was what the UNESCO committee really liked. A couple of years ago I started posting pictures on Instagram. I enjoy it but find it involves much more effort than I expected, and leaves little time for my other photographic activities. I am grateful to Sean Tucker who through his YouTube channel, helped me put Instagram into perspective.






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