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A former high school and college history teacher, who found a passion in photography when the Christos set up the saffron "Gates" in Central Park in 2005. Starting with a 2 pixel Point and Shoot digital camera, I progressed to interchangeable lenses when Olympus introduced the mirrorless E-M5 in 2012. Then in my early eighties, I scoured Central Park and Riverside Park for subject matter, while taking a class here and there to learn new techniques. I have been fortunate to have a number of my photos selected for curated exhibitions nationally and internationally, and I have also had photo essays published in my local online newspaper, The West Side Rag. My submission on "Readers" stems from my fascination with the reader as a solitary and silent figure who is transported into a private world through the mental process of deciphering elaborate markings on a physical surface. Readers assumes varied poses in their temporary state of inactivity and equilibrium. We cannot know the thoughts of readers engaged in their activity. Even their poses do not give them away. Nor do the varied settings in which they pursue reading. It is best neither to disturb nor startle a reader, but to respect the private bubble in which they reside.


New York USA


Olympus E-M5, Olympus E-M5 Mark II


people, landscape