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I was born in The Netherlands but grew up in Australia and apparently the city of Brisbane is now home. I have travelled extensively since a young age and travel and photography go hand-in-hand (not always in the best sense) so I guess this is where my interest originated, particularly combining cultural and “artistic” elements in a photograph. I am very inquisitive and like to explore, observing and wondering how things work; photography gives me the chance to capture what I am thinking/ seeing. I’m also fascinated by this ridiculously diverse planet we live on, which means I like too many types of photography, from insect macro to sweeping landscapes and of course, my favourite, street photography. My street photography process is usually just walking and looking for moments to unfold, but often I’ll find a composition and wait for a particular character…if I really want the shot, this wait can be up to an hour. I’m a sucker for black-and-white because of the way it simplifies an image, and also images with a single or matching colour tones (e.g. hot and cold). In mid-2019 I started a one year ‘mid-career’ break with the intention to focus on travel and photography. This trip has covered quite a few places, seasons and cultures so the photographs submitted are diverse, but they all reflect my current mood and focus. A few are from an earlier trip in 2015 but again they fit this theme.




Olympus EM10, Fuji XT2, Sony A7iii