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I started my photography journey only a few of years ago. Until then I basically took pictures or rather snaps with my iPhone and in April 2017, I felt ready to purchase a 'real' camera, the Lumix GX80. As from then I started taking photography more serious, started reading/studying about photography and took a couple of online courses to learn the basics. With an engineering background learning the basics of the technology was not so complicated, but at the same time I also discovered that photography is not about technology. I found at some point in time a sentence that summarizes it all: 'It is not the camera that takes the picture, it is the person behind the camera that makes the picture.' Since then I am basically experimenting with colors, light, shadow, composition, and moods. Although 'finding your style' is a never-ending journey, I have a tendency towards street photography. Street photography, but of the slow type with pictures where there is a human aspect present. Very often the human element is only present in the background to add to the mood or even only as a silhouette. Although I like to travel, I really enjoy taken pictures in my own hometown Antwerp. The biggest advantage here is that you can go at the same place over and over again as different light makes a scene completely different.




Lumix GX80, G9