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I began to approach photography in 2007, during my studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Catania, Sicily. It is at this time that I created my first photo reportage, Festivals in Sicily, which has become known on a national level. This long-term project tells of the religious festivals of my hometown, Gela. The photo La Presa della Bandierina ("The Conquest of the Banner") is exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO) in Rome. In 2012, I focused on the themes of sexuality and gender. I met personalities from the drag king scene and entered their world. In 2013, I photographed the American artist and drag queen M. Jenkinson and the Italian drag king group 'Genderotica Eyes Wild Drag'. One of my photos is added by the authors of the photographic, historical and critical archive 'Il Re Nudo'. Also in 2013, the reportage El Hombre de las Cuevas was published in the Italian magazine 'La Repubblica Online'. From 2013 to 2014, I also dedicated myself to discovering the world of trans people in Andalusia with the project Nosotres - Lives beyond Binarism, spending five months capturing the world and everyday life of trans people in Granada. This was published by the Italian magazine 'L'Espresso' as a photo reportage. In the same year, the project was exhibited as a multimedia installation with the original interviews at the Art Factory Fair and was awarded by the Italian gallery jury in the Young Artist category. The project was also exhibited at Art Market Budapest - International Contemporary Art Fair in October 2014. Since 2015 I have been living in Germany in the Frankfurt area. I am planning to open my own photo studio and dedicate my time to new projects.




Canon EOS 5D Mark IV