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My photography journey started close to 20 years ago, when a colleague of mine saw some of my amateur pictures and said that they are better than the product photography that was made for them by professionals, which was very flattering to hear. Next thing I knew - I was doing all photography for our company. This then escalated to me being invited to freelance as a magazine photographer, which was a very steep learning curve, as I was getting all kinds of assignments and had to learn to think very fast on my feet and adapt to all kinds of environments and situations.

Many photography experiences later, from wedding to advertising - this never became a full time job. I found that doing commercial photography that has specific client demands and timelines is rarely compatible with one's creative expression, for which I loved photography in the first place. And then if you have to do it all the time - it's very easy to burn out.

That's why I scaled it back to just personal projects using the film camera, so that I can just enjoy it for myself... But somehow this exact thing has resonated with so many people, way beyond any of my commercial work.




Mamiya RZ-67 (for Rocketgirl Chronicles)


documentary, fine art, conceptual