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I mainly do street photography as my way of self expression. But generally documenting places, events and portraying people is my area of interest in photography. In 2011-2013, I attended photographic studies of Polish Association of Artist/Photographers in Warsaw. In 2016, I organised my first solo exhibition in Warsaw titled "Simplicity". What interests me is the simple composition and the subject - city and the people. In my exhibition "Simplicity" I wondered on urban life and my street photography. On the one hand you can say that urban life is spontaneous, random and chaotic. Similarly the photographer, when doing street photography, relies on intuition and on catching changeable, decisive moments. On the other hand human, when creating the urban space, is drawn by the need of order, convenience, simplicity. As well the street photographer in the frames arranges the space, catching elements, which are making a coherent composition. I wonder on this contrast – between something accidental, free, intuitive, spontaneous and the need of simplicity, order, peace and convenience. Furthermore I also reflect on my more personal thoughts about life in the city. One can say the big city determines feelings of loneliness and alienation from other people and what is around us. At the same time the urban life does not make us feel alone, constantly making us connect with others. I think I am searching, when doing photography, for more or less quite scenes, being aware of loneliness, and at the same time doing photographs to feel connected.




Fujifilm x-t20, Fujifilm x20