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I am a 1984 honors graduate of Pratt Institute. I majored in Photography, with minors in Print Making and Book Binding. I was a Photography Scholarship recipient and published in Newsweek On Campus. At Pratt Institute I studied with William Gedney, Philip Perkis, Arthur Freed, Nina Prantis and Ann Mandelbaum. This established cast of educators challenging me to think differently, to find my vision and voice through photography. I studied 35mm and 4x5 large format photography. I have printed in Black and White, Color, while additionally working with processes including Gum Bichromate, Platinum Palladium and Dye Transfer. I have created my own emulsions on a myriad of different archival papers then contact printed from large negatives. I honed my printmaking skills in etching and silk screening to include photo etching and photo silk screening. William Gedney taught me the art of Bookbinding, handcrafting books with archival materials utilizing my photography and developing my visual storytelling skills. Today I continue my work as a visual storyteller, creating series of photographs that engage details and abstractions which explore a unique vision of the world around me.


New York USA


Leica M240


street, abstract, narrative