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I have worked as a professional actor for over 30 years in theatre, film and television. And as an actor I have spent my life delving beneath the surface of a character to reveal the details of human behaviour. As a street photographer, I’m always drawn to the story I see in front of me. I'm looking for the scene, the moment of dramatic tension or the beginning, middle and end of something. Who are you? What are you doing? What has just happened? What is the story? I like to capture the moment after which nothing will ever be the same. A director once said to me about a role I was playing: “This character speaks to discover what she’s thinking.” As a photographer I think I make photographs to discover what I see.

I photograph on many streets in many cities but I keep returning to make photographs at the beach. It’s here that time stops and life unfolds in unexpected ways. People reinvent and rearrange themselves when they come to the beach and suddenly a devised theatre of connection appears. I’m drawn into something that has just happened. Or is about to happen. I see the sketch of a character, a hint of a story and the joy of feeling like I understand the rest. There is a mystery conveying too much and too little in a single moment and I want to capture it. People live their best lives by the water. And I come to witness the event.




Fuji X100F