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Seeking stories is my way of learning. Therefore, I think it is not a coincidence that my Sociology and photography education started in the same year. Capturing the sociology of everyday life brings me closer to photojournalism and documentary photography. Maybe that's why I'm looking for human faces, emotions and behaviour as much as I look for composition and light. Telling an ordinary thing through photography allows us to see it in a completely different way. What attracts me to photography is to witness so many emotions while documenting the events and to tell them as best I can. Narrating social movements, finding short street stories, and telling these stories cinematically makes me one step closer to the documentary subject I have been working on.

When I moved to Antwerp from Istanbul 3 years ago, I returned to photography because I thought that the best way to learn a new city was to take pictures. I found a new topic every week and followed the traces of these stories in Antwerp. This inspired me to work on a documentary photography project. I am currently working on a documentary project about Crimean Tatar Villages because it is fascinating to imagine that even a single thing we observe will reach the history pages through us.




Fujifilm X-T3


documentary, street