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I am a photographer based in Athens, Greece. I am currently studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts, on Master of Digital Arts. I have a Bachelor's degree in Photography and Audiovisual Arts, from the University of West Attica, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Classical Guitar Studies. In my work I mainly deal with self-portraits, narrative photography and video art. Through my images I attempt an inner search around the self-image, and I try to set questions about the relationship between photography and reality, the interpretation of the image, but also the human need to immortalise the visible. I am concerned with issues of identity and roles. I explore the relationship between the photographer and the subject, and consequently of the artist and their model, and I study how they influence each other, something that is of particular interest in self-portraits. I also study the way in which the human body can function as a symbolic element in art. In my work I follow a kind of ritual, mainly in terms of research and the choices I make. This includes the semiology, the identity that I will choose to present, the means that I will use, but also what I will choose to present to the viewer. I like to create artistic hybrids, by blending techniques from different artistic fields. I try to relate knowledge and practices from my various interests, creating a dialogue between different fields. I combine influences from photography, painting, cinema, sculpture, literature and even music.




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self portrait, narrative