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I am a Londoner living in Sydney. I arrived in Sydney in 2002 on a 'round the world' trip, and never left. Although my heart remains in London, Sydney has become my home. And before Covid times, I enjoyed travelling as often as I could to new and interesting places - I'm definitely more of an explorer and adventurer than relaxer! I have always loved photography and was that annoying person who had to capture everything, taking a particular interest in architecture and intriguing street scenes. In 2016, I decided to take my photography to the next level by investing in my first Canon DSLR and enrolling in a beginners course at the Australian Centre for Photography. It was during this time that I realised how much photography helped with mindfulness. When I was out on assignments, I thought of nothing except getting the shot, finding good light, a nice composition, a good subject. I also realised how much I loved street photography - there is always so much to look at like interesting people, shadows, scenes. And so with that, Simply Prithi was born. I created a Instagram account solely focused on my street photography and was amazed to find a community of like minded photographers across the world who were supportive and appreciative of my work. Now I've recently upgraded to a Canon EOS R, which has changed my life! I make time to hit the streets as much as I can, not just to capture beautiful images, but also for the therapeutic value of just being in the moment. Through my images, I hope to reach more like-minded lovers of street photography and light.




Canon EOS R