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My first strong influences that sparked my interest in capturing street life go back to the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and German photojournalist Thomas Hoepker. For me, a good street picture must have some thought-provoking note beyond being merely decorative, some humorous or quirky details, some kind of storyline: telling an unstaged, candid story from the big theater of life. Humour in pictures is what I like best. I like pictures that pose questions rather than provide answers. Most of my photos are taken candidly; nothing is staged or manipulated. I like chasing for the offbeat, on a quest to find some extravaganza in the ordinary, some fun element, some beautifully layered scene. Any interesting scene that hits my eye. I try to stay as invisible as possible. Finding something special in the ordinary that might only exist for a split second before it’s gone forever. The two old grannies I captured in 1991 in San Gimignano, Italy, one with the Hanimex 110 pocket camera: a time document today. As all the millions of smartphones today will be at some point in the future. I would characterise myself as a classical flaneur – though sometimes more of a long-distance runner – with a camera. Ready to take action in an instant, react to any kind of scene that strikes my fancy and unfolds in front of my camera. And that’s what I love so much about this subject: you don’t need any clumsy gear, you don’t have to travel anywhere, you're always there! That’s why it is so magical for me, many have said this before: It’s positively an obsession!
My photos have been featured in periodicals and on various digital platforms and hubs and have also received awards in international street photo festivals and competitions.


Braunschweig GERMANY


Sony A7 MkIII