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In mid-2019, it hit me - I am getting older. If I don’t do anything now, I never will. So, I bought my first camera in November 2019. Initially, I did not know what to shoot and how to shoot. So, I started learning photography from YouTube, online journals and researching famous photographers. Initially I was very interested about landscape photography. But soon, realised that it was not my cup of tea. I discovered that street photography is the best fit for me, even though I was extremely shy and nervous. So, initially I used long telephoto lenses so I could take photos from a distance. But then in early 2020, the world was plagued with COVID-19. Everybody started wearing masks. And that was the game changer for me. Since, the people I shot wore masks and so did I, our identities were not disclosed. That gave me the comfort of getting close to people. In the meantime, I formed a small group of like-minded and enthusiastic street photographers. This has helped me to shoot confidently on the streets, exploring new places of the city and exchange different thoughts about photography.

For my photography, humans are the most important element. Different environments provoke different emotions, different emotions provoke different moods and different moods provoke different behavior. In short, environment determines the mood. Most of the time, it is the humans in a photo that catch my eye. It is this combination of moments, environment and the people in it that draws me to preserve them in a frame.




Fujifilm X-T30