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Born 1961 in Germany, and living in Spain since 1999, I have been taking photographs since 1980, which at that time of course, it was still analogue. In the 90s I studied art and music with a focus on photography and land art. Since 2005, I have been photographing digitally, first in landscape photography, then, due to my job as a chef, in food photography. This developed into a kind of storytelling and I invented a Mallorca photo blog with photographic views from the island, off the mainstream type of photography. There I was already doing street photography without really knowing anything about it. Then in December 2017, I took a picture in Stockholm on the street and a person ran through my picture! With adrenalin I pressed the shutter and didn't know what had happened. It was clear that the picture got a completely different meaning and I started to photograph further in this direction. This was now my thing! Then I did some research and have since learned about street photography. I study everything that has to do with it and develop myself further. Since 2021, I have been on the road professionally, giving workshops and have been lucky enough to have had some of my pictures awarded internationally.


Mallorca SPAIN


Fujifilm X100v, Lumix GM5