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I was born in Vercelli a little city in the northern part of Italy where I still live today. The first approach with a camera was seven years ago. At first I was fascinated by night photography and starry skies, that was until I discovered street photography.

I have travelled in the last seven years and I have taken so many street shots in many cities that in my opinion are perfect for this photography genre, like New York City, Los Angeles, London but also Milan and Genova in my beloved Italy.

In this series I have enjoyed reworking shots that initially didn't convince me or that I thought was 'wrong'. I have been superimposing and working them until I have reached the result I wanted, trying to create my own style and give a personality to these shots. I like photography to communicate something, to evoke a sensation already experienced. I try to select only the photos that according to and can convey something to the viewer, it works a bit like music, to tell a story or a state of mind.


Vercelli ITALY


Fujifilm XT2 , Canon Eos 70D


street, ICM, abstract