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"Movement. That is at the heart of Dutch photographer Maarten Vromans' work and methods."

Whenever I travel from one place to another – be it on foot, by boat or by train – I methodically record the altering terrain that passes me by. This could be the eroded buildings in an anonymous urban setting, but also the untouched landscape of a remote region, or the infinite distance on unspoiled open water.

I like to move through transition areas: the no-man’s-land between residential, commercial and working environments; between built-up, cultivated and untouched areas. There, in places that apparently no longer belong to anyone, I make photos that are tranquil, abstract and picturesque, and in which the subject always remains recognisable.

At the start of my career, my photos were published in New Dutch Photography Talent (now known as GUP New), an annual publication showcasing the work of one hundred upcoming Dutch photographers. Since then, my work has been featured in both online and print magazines such as Spectaculum Magazine, Broad, BuzzFeed and Aesthetica.

In recent years, my work has been shown at fairs and exhibitions in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Budapest and London, among others. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, I compiled my ‘Lucky Shots’ series into my first photo book in 2018. My work is represented by Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL.




Sony A6000, Sony A7R, and iPhone 6


fine art, conceptual, abstract