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As a fine art photographer, I am inspired by how even the most ordinary scenes tell us something extraordinary about people and their natural environments. I create portraits rich with emotion, conveying moments saturated by our struggles with grief, identity, and change. My images express what my words cannot; with my camera, I explore the ways that the most common experiences connect everyone, even when they relate to the most unique or personal incidents. From the most intimate study of a human subject to the wide lens of a vignette in nature, my work embraces the beauty beneath the seemingly mundane.

In the series "Bare Essentials", I create conceptual portraits of utilizing banal commonplace items (toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel and hand sanitizer) made valuable through the threat of scarcity — manipulating their form to visually convey their meteoric metamorphosis into often elusive objects of desire. As they seemingly drift through the frame suspended in light - their beauty is ephemeral, undermined by the realization of their functionality, effect on daily life and the environment. The images take on a spectral and slightly ironic quality, calling attention to the dependence on single use goods, supply chain and the newly emerging consumer hierarchy exposed during the early days of the pandemic. These are the bare essentials of our private lives.


Vancouver CANADA


Nikon D800 and Epson Perfection V550 Photo


fine art photography