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A lover of photography since the age of 11, I consider this art form as much a means to express myself as one of the main vehicles through which to tell our time.

When asked to describe my photography, I always answer with these words: "I feel the need to tell the human being contextualized in the time in which we live, without hiding the merits and weaknesses". I devote myself mainly to reportage and portrait photography, which I practice both digitally and analogically.

For the past 10 years I have been studying as a self-taught artist, continuing to deepen every aspect of this art form, dedicating practically all my free time to it. In the last years I have dedicated myself almost exclusively to black and white and I have started to use the film more and more often, ending up becoming my main medium. This choice depends on several factors: the not immediate visualization of the shots, the pleasure of dealing with chemistry, the desire to master every stage of the creative process, learning to manage the development phase according to the needs of the case. Through the film, it is also possible to build a "material" archive, impossible to achieve through the digital medium.




Leica M3 and MP240


documentary, reportage