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May 3, 2021


Photography by Samantha Brown
Words by Samantha Brown and Melanie Meggs

Samantha Brown is a British-Canadian photographer, and a digital nomad. Over the last year Samantha has documented the pandemic, mostly from the back of her campervan 'Juno', whilst travelling safely in line with local lockdown restrictions.

GROUNDED is her first book.

How does a pandemic affect a physical place, and our sense of self within it? That's the question that Samantha pondered on a ten month, socially distanced journey in 2020. Departing India prior to the grounding of flights in March, Samantha documented the empty streets of Bristol during the first lockdown, before venturing to Europe via a deserted ferry as restrictions eased. Along the way, she encountered an out-of-season, out-of-time atmosphere that haunted every landscape, allowing her to explore themes such as alienation, loneliness and the isolation of travel.

GROUNDED is a photo book of visible beauty towards a deeper well of immersive, indefinable emotion filled with promise and hope. Every page is a joy to look at by itself. The book can be understood as a travel memoir, too, inspiring those who are wanting to begin a similar journey.

Grounded is presented as a special boxed book with a signed 10x8" print. Available exclusively from (ADM Publishing).

First edition run of 150 copies.
Published: April 2021 by ADM Publishing
Book - 70pp softback book on 170gsm paper.
350gsm cover with matt laminate.
Perfect bound. Digitally printed.
ISBN: 978-1-9997596-3-6


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