I am a writer, a professional photographer and an expert in urban aesthetics with a multidisciplinary training currently living and working in Geneva. I am a big lover of cities, fascinated by order and disorder. I look to tell stories around poetry, paradox and mystery by using all the layers involving the construction of urban drama such as colors, light, shadow, prints, walls and bodies. After receiving a diploma in Architecture, a diploma in Filmmaking, a Master's degree in Territory Planning, I completed a PhD at the University of Geneva analyzing the mutual inspiration between urban modernity and the art of short film. Most of my street work is based on ordinary situations and daily events, believing that the street is the sum of small moments, rather than one general frame. However, every ordinary moment can be transformed into an extraordinary one through the lens. The banal can become the most significant only if there is observation, patience, perseverance, composition and creativity. Each portrait of a city fragment has its own and ephemeral language. That’s the reason urban spaces are magical and why the image remains so essential. I consider street photography as a visual recycling, like a sculptor manufacturing several forms from scrap metal or a designer working to give waste new life in a new use. Beauty is everywhere and the artist has to see, to learn how to see, to take his time and to believe in his art. One of my favorite strategies is simply the desire to get close and to use immersion with his subject by using a fixed wide angle lens. has won several international photography awards.






Olympus OM-D E-M5




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