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November 1, 2023



Photography and words by Paola Ferrarotti
Conclusion by Melanie Meggs

A tribute to the element Water.

Lose fears.

Who are you in the water?
Are you another me?
You quiver like a sea-fish.


Why was I born, what is my purpose here and how should I understand life? The imperative search for clues to help me get even close to glimpsing answers to these questions has always been present in me.

Every time I come into contact with water, every time I immerse my body in a pool, a lake, the sea, I know that I am embarking on a transformative inner journey. Water teaches me, teaches me to relax, to listen to my deepest voice, to adapt to my circumstances and to renew myself. In the water I know I am entering a journey of exploring the depths of my own potential.

I love spending long periods of time in the water. It transports me. It transforms me. It teaches me to know myself. Floating and immersing myself in the water is each time a journey into myself, where I encounter my deepest thoughts and emerge a little changed.

Who am I in the water? In silence, in the water, I embark on a journey towards a hidden part of myself that helps me to understand my life a little better each time. Where I realize that the answers would probably never completely arrive but I feel at peace with that. Where I accept life as it is. Where my fears dilute.

In the water I shiver like a sea fish.
Was Anaximander right with his theory?

Diving into water is like re-entering the womb. A unique sensation. With my head, with all my body under water, my senses explode. I feel “everything”.

The frequency and intensity of my vibration become even higher. Water connects me with my innermost. And I feel calm and at peace. I feel the connection to All.

When I am immersed in water, I feel that I return to the beginning of everything. I return to water, which is not only water. I return to Herman Hesse's voice of Life, to the Voice of Being, to the Voice of Perpetual Becoming.

Water hits me.
It wakes me up.
It caresses me.
It makes me bristle.
I close my eyes.
Everything is an intimate ceremony.
My skin transmits messages.
My fears dilute.

…Oft saßen sie am Abend gemeinsam beim Ufer auf dem Baumstamm, schwiegen und hörten beide dem Wasser zu, welches für sie kein Wasser war, sondern die Stimme des Lebens, die Stimme des Seienden, des ewig Werdenden. - H. Hesse, Siddharta

...Often in the evening they sat together on the tree trunk by the shore, both silent and listened to the water, which for them was not water, but the voice of life, the voice of being, of the eternally becoming. - H. Hesse, Siddharta

With her keen photographic eye, Paola Ferrarotti not only documents life but also creates art through her photographs. Having been born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, Paola was drawn to the world from a young age and had a deep desire to explore and experience different countries, immersing herself in the beauty and diversity of it all.

Upon completing her studies in Political Science and International Relations, Paola wasted no time in embarking on her first journey to visit her sister in Heidelberg, Germany. What was meant to be a short trip to learn the German language, turned into a permanent stay in Germany. It was here that she found her calling, her passion for photography truly blossoming.

Paola's perspective on reality is that it is often complex and filled with intricate details, making it challenging to decipher. Through her photography, she aims to capture this profound reality and convey her emotions, feelings, and perceptions of the environment and her experiences within it.

Paola's remarkable talent and unwavering dedication have already brought us three powerful projects - "Nature Saves Us", "German Voices Crying Out for Freedom" and "The Yoke of Afghan Women", have left a lasting impact on our hearts and minds. Paola's passion for showcasing the beauty and complexity of our world and its people knows no bounds, and we eagerly await to be mesmerized by her future works.

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