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October 22, 2021


Photography and story by Simone Batini
Introduction by Karin Svadlenak Gomez

Simone Batini is a remarkable landscape and documentary photographer from the Tuscan region of Italy, who has dedicated his life's work to capturing the essence of the traditional trades and crafts that have become a distant memory in an ever-changing world. His stunning photographs preserve the beauty of a time where the small villages and humble family businesses of Tuscany still existed and thrived. Through his lens, we get a glimpse into what life used to be like in this special part of Italy, when craftsmanship was celebrated and hard work was the cornerstone of the community. In this story, we will explore Simone Batini's journey to document the disappearing trades and crafts of Tuscany and the impact of his photography on the region.


The series of photographs titled 'Tempi Passati' (Times Past) was born from my idea of ​​telling the artisan working realities still present in my territory. The photos for this series, on which I am still working, were taken in the Tuscany region of Italy, in the province of Lucca in Garfagnana, Middle Valle del Serchio, Alta Versilia and surrounding areas. I chose to work the images in colour, combining the search for a good light and an atmospheric situation, because I wanted to convey a sense of actuality. In fact even today these old artisans are active in their tiring and exciting activities with the help of some young people. In the series there are portraits both on the workmanship and on the place and workshops where they spend their days. I photographed an ancient ironworks, where an elderly blacksmith is helped by his young nephew, old farmers and artisans in general who have experience. They take care of their tools and animals. The ancient crafts have been handed down for generations with the hope that they will never be lost and forgotten. The purpose of my photographic series is above all this: to ensure they are not forgotten.

The series of photographs titled 'Tempi Passati' highlights the rich heritage of artisanal working realities in the Tuscany region of Italy. Through the use of color and atmospheric lighting, Simone Batini captures the life of the artisans of the region, including blacksmiths and farmers, as they go about their daily routine. Even though these traditions have been passed down for generations, they are at risk of being forgotten - something that Simone seeks to prevent. The purpose of this series is to ensure they are not forgotten and to celebrate the work of these artisans. By doing so, it is hoped that viewers will be inspired to appreciate and support the work of these artisans in their own community.

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