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Hello Adesh, tell us a bit about yourself. When did you start getting interested in photography?

I am a documentary and fine art photographer, currently based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The principal motivation behind my pictures is a focus on humanist issues combined with strong visual storytelling.

I started photography in 2018. I used to do photography as a passion but slowly my passion has turned into my profession.

You have sent through a series of photos. Tell us a bit about this series?

As we all know, the whole world is struggling with a Coronavirus. It’s very difficult to live in a middle-class family. In this order I want to state and show you how the middle class people live in their own way, despite all these troubles these labors started go back to their own homes after working in Kanpur Cement Warehouse. I documented this series in Kanpur, India, post Lockdown.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I am inspired by many and every where. 

Is there anything you want to express through your photography?

As we all know there's a story behind every picture and I love to share stories through my lens.

That places attract me much where a good story can be made and sometimes I love to take portraits of those people whose eyes have a different shine from others.

Do you prefer to shoot alone or with friends?

I shoot most often with friend/s, sometimes it's good if you are a beginner to learn from others. But I do love to shoot alone so I can focus.

Who are your favourite artists/photographers? Who has mostly influenced your style?

Steve McCurry, Alan Schaller, Daniel Milnor, Raghu Rai and Raghubir Singh.

Do you have a favourite quote/lyric/saying that resonates with you the best? And why?

I like this quote from Raghubir Singh - " Photography, to me, is the dewdrop that reflects my inner and outer worlds simultaneously.

Where is your favourite place to shoot?

Everywhere I can get a good documentary photo.


How does the equipment you use help you in achieving your vision in your photography?

It's all about observation, but camera also matters. I love to shoot with my Canon camera. When I shoot portraits I love to use prime lenses and for wide shots I use 18-55mm lenses.

Have you ever been involved in the artistic world before photography?

Not so much

Are there any special projects you are currently working on that you would like to let everyone know about?

Yes it is about migrants labour. But because of the Coronavirus I haven't been able to get out of the house for the six months, but as soon as things return to normal, I'll get back and get better stories.

What are some of your goals as an artist? Where do you see yourself or hope to see yourself in five years?

My goal is to become a photojournalist. In the coming five years I see myself as a better photographer who will be moving forward with many achievements.

“When I am not out photographing, I (like to)…

...read, watch documentaries and travel."

Thanks Adesh!

All photos © Adesh Gaur

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