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Juni Pernia is a street photographer from the Philippines. New to photography, Juni creates moody images of people in everyday scenes going about their everyday lives. He wants to tell a story through his photography and capture the viewer's imagination.


When did you start getting interested in photography?

I started getting into photography only this year but the interest was there way before that because of my friends' and other people's work as well. That pushed me to finally pick up a camera and give it a try.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from the things around me. I like to create stories from what I see as I’m going around.

Who are your favourite artists/photographers?

My favorite photographers right now are Sean Tucker, Joshua Jackson, Kenneth Hines Jr., Paola Franqui, Evan Ranft, and Pierre Lambert.

Where is your favourite place to shoot?

I have no favourite place to shoot specifically. I want to be as spontaneous as possible. I like to wander around and follow where my feet take me. I usually go to a specific place to shoot, but end up finishing in a different place. This is how I get most of my interesting shots.

Do you think equipment is important in achieving your vision in your photography? What would you say to someone just starting out?

Having a great set of gear would be nice, but it’s better to make the most of what you have right now and just go out there and shoot. Because I think it’s also important to exercise you mind visually to help you achieve what you want. As they say, “ The best gear you have is what’s behind the camera.” ...or something like that.☺

All photographs © Juni Pernia

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