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I am an amateur photographer from Belarus currently living in Moscow, Russia. I started doing photography regularly quite recently, in March 2019. Canon EOS 80D is my main content creation tool. Over the year of experimenting with colors, lighting, and composition, my idea of ​​photography has changed a lot. The first six months I took pictures on the Nikon D3200. The lens was catching everything that was around me. As a result, my photos were like a set of completely different pictures. Now I try to find my own style. I guess I don’t like photographing just architecture, just people or just nature. I like to capture moments in the photo. The faces of the main characters in my photographs are usually hidden in whole or in part. The final photographs often turn out a little gloomy, but from this the moments become only brighter. Now I'm working on creation my first portrait series. Stay tuned!




Canon EOS 80D