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April 15, 2020


Photography by Alexey Strechen
Interview by Melanie Meggs

Gripped by a desire to capture moments in time, the Belarusian photographer Alexey Strechen has taken to the streets of Moscow with a camera in hand. Despite recently beginning his photography journey, Alexey already knows what he wants to achieve with his work: to catch a glimpse of the characters that make up the fabric of modern life. With a unique style that often creates a sense of intrigue, Alexey's photographs often leave viewers questioning the story within the frame. Follow his journey as we take a closer look at this emerging photographer and his creative approach to art.

“I started taking photographs regularly quite recently, in March last year. My girlfriend made me have an Instagram account. At first, I did not know what I could upload to the network. I found photos from a trip to Italy and began to post. Then I picked up a camera and went outside to make some extra stuff. And here we go.”


THE PICTORIAL LIST: Alexey, where do you find your inspiration?

ALEXEY STRECHEN: Inspiration in street photography is quite simple. You just need to force yourself to go out and start taking pictures until the first one that interests you. The rest will flow like a river.

TPL: You are new to photography, describe your style.

AS: Over the year of experimenting with colors, lighting, and composition, my idea of photography has changed a lot. The first six months I took pictures on the Nikon D3200. The lens was catching everything that was around me. As a result, my photos were like a set of completely different pictures. Now I’m trying to find my own style.

I guess I don’t like photographing just architecture, just people or just nature. I like to capture moments in the photo. The faces of the main characters in my photographs are usually hidden in whole or in part. The final photographs often turn out a little gloomy, but from this the moments become only brighter.

TPL: Do you have any favourite artists or photographers you would like to share with us, and the reason for their significance?

AS: Alan Schaller is the first person whose Instagram account I show people when they ask me this question. I am motivated by his photos. I would like to be able to develop thoughts and plots in photographs the way he does.

TPL: Where is your favourite place to shoot?

AS: In street photography, you’re constantly looking for new places. I like what I'm doing now in Moscow. There are many places for experimentation. This allows your photos to reach a new level.

The final photographs often turn out a little gloomy, but from this the moments become only brighter.

TPL: Have you ever been involved in the artistic world before photography?

AS: No I haven't.

TPL: Do you think equipment is important in achieving your vision in your photography?

AS: Canon EOS 80D is my main content creation tool. But equipment is always in second place. This is just a tool that helps you realize your ideas. The most popular photo at the moment in my account was taken on the iPhone XR. I was afraid to continue taking pictures on Canon in such rainy weather, but I took a couple more pictures on the phone until I caught a man running across the road with an umbrella.

TPL: Are there any special projects you are currently working on that you would like to let everyone know about?

AS: Now I'm working on creation my first portrait series. Stay tuned!

TPL: "If I wasn't photographing what would I be doing?...

AS: I’m not a professional photographer. Photography is my hobby and only a part of my life."

Experimenting with colours, lighting and composition, Alexey catches glimpses of life on the streets of Russia. Visit Alexey's Instagram to follow his journey.

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