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I am enamoured with photography and the visual arts. Through photography, I can express my perception of reality and tell my unique vision with an emotional approach more than a rational one. People and nature are my favourite subjects - the latter constantly surprises me!

Having started out in analogue photography, I put my passion on pause for a few years due to personal matters. However, digital photography did not completely replace my beloved analogue cameras. I prefer creating stories with photos, but I also enjoy experimenting artistically. Photodynamism and ancient printing techniques such as cyanotype are two techniques I have dabbled in, and recently, I've been using analogue cameras to make film soup. The best thing about experimenting is the unexpected and one-of-a-kind results!

With the goal of realising projects and small photographic stories, I have been honing my processing and editing techniques to better express my thoughts on a given subject. Though my training is largely self-taught, I recently took courses in storytelling to deepen my knowledge in the area.

More recently, I have been collaborating with an association to organise an event on visual arts, displaying my works in several group exhibitions, festivals and photography circuits. In 2021, I achieved the pinnacle of these successes with my first solo exhibition, ‘Eurythmia’. Additionally, some of my works can be found in sector publications and I have been a winner in multiple national competitions organised by Fiaf - the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations - which honoured me this year.




Nikon D90, Nikon D610


documentary, fine art photography