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August 9, 2023



Photographs and story by Ida Di Pasquale
Introduction by Melanie Meggs

Photography is more than just a way to capture a moment, it’s an art form that can tell a story. As a lover of photography and the visual arts, Ida Di Pasquale uses her lenses to tell a story that goes beyond the physical world. Through her work, she attempts to capture emotion and mood, rather than relying on rational thought.

From her analogue beginnings to her more recent experiments with film soup and cyanotype, Ida has explored a wide range of photographic techniques. She’s drawn inspiration from renowned photographers, seeking to convey emotion in her own work.

Yet, her most personal project is one that comes from the heart. Titled ‘Cracks to Mend’, it tells the story of Ida's birth house in Faiano, a small village in Abruzzo, Italy. After two devastating earthquakes and numerous tremors, the home was left in rubble. Through her photographs, Ida was able to capture the memories that remained.

Thus, Ida Di Pasquale has created a beautiful story of resilience amidst tragedy. Join us as we explore her captivating journey through photography and explore the emotions that are conveyed through her work.


“Do we ever leave childhood homes?
Never: they always remain inside us. Even when they no longer exist.”
(Ferzan Özpetek)

L'Aquila Earthquake, Italy. 6 April 2009. My father's house is badly damaged. We are in Faiano, a small village on the slopes of the Gran Sasso. About 24 families live here at the time of the earthquake. Evacuation order.

Despite the ban, we only manage to enter the house for a moment. Quickly I take a few photos, concentrating on the details, the objects...they recall facts, people and situations, and times that I would like to stop as not to forget...

Amatrice Earthquake, Italy, 2016. Another earthquake, in nearby Amatrice. Further tremors devastate our small town, now practically abandoned. Red zone. Absolute ban on entering the village.

This is followed in 2018 by the demolition of most of the houses in the village, including mine. The tailors' house, my father Federico's and my grandfather Nicola's.

We enter again, but only for a thieves in their own house we take away a few small mementos and a few more photographs...

Now only rubble remains to be carried away.
Only memories and cracks, cracks in the heart.



An object
A glance
A flower in need of care
A door ajar
The screaming sea
A crack in the wall
The sun going down

Memories assail
And we meet Again

Ida Di Pasquale’s work is a powerful reminder of how photography can be used to tell stories that go beyond the physical. Through her art, she is able to explore the overwhelming emotions that come with tragedy and loss, while also conveying resilience and hope. It is a reminder of the strength that comes from remembering and cherishing the memories of the past. Ida’s work is captivating and heart-wrenching, and we recommend that you view more of it. By doing so, you will gain an insight into the emotional journey of someone who has experienced significant loss but continues to find hope and strength in the stories of her family.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author/s, and are not necessarily shared by The Pictorial List and the team.

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