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July 14, 2023



Photography by Lorenzo Vitali
Story by Melanie Meggs

Lorenzo Vitali is an artist who always strives to challenge traditional artistic conventions and embrace the experimental. His works are a unique blend of classic elements and modern innovation, with a particular emphasis on form and materiality. Lorenzo's project, Sahara: The Shape and The Shadow, is a captivating exploration of the intangible power of nature.

This series of photos were taken on the Libyan desert border with Niger and capture the ever-shifting sand formations and shadows created by the wind. Lorenzo has managed to portray the abstract beauty of the desert landscape in a way that is both intriguing and thought-provoking. His photographs not only show the changing shapes of the sand, but also highlight the complexity of the interplay between light and dark.


Through this project, Lorenzo has sought to create a dialogue between the natural and the conceptual, between reality and imagination. He has found a way to capture the momentary beauty of the desert, as well as its ever-changing nature. By combining classic elements with contemporary approaches, he has created a unique and evocative piece of art that is sure to captivate viewers.

“The shape of the sand is born from the wind, changes with the wind, changes its skin with the wind. The wind makes it abstract and variable. But the visibility of the shape is given by the shadow that rises and falls at various times of the day, creating a changing game of shapes.”

Lorenzo Vitali has once again succeeded in pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic conventions with his latest project, Sahara: The Shape and The Shadow. His striking photographs of the Libyan desert border successfully capture the ephemeral beauty of the natural landscape in a way that is captivating and thought-provoking. It is an inspiring reminder of the power of art to evoke emotion and explore the intangible aspects of life. We encourage viewers to explore more of Lorenzo's work for themselves and see what new insights they can uncover.

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