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    BOOK October 18, 2023 18 >> 20 Photography by Elsa Arrais Words by Paulo Kellerman Excerpt from interview by Karen Ghostlaw Pomarico Elsa Arrais is a photographer living and creating impressive work in Leiria, Portugal. Born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Elsa has become a beautiful thread in the tapestry of Portugal. With a background in Engineering, her attraction to visual arts emerged almost imperceptibly and gradually photography became her means of expression and artistic object. Elsa is married and the mother of two beautiful children, living and being inspired by the intricacies of the city of Leiria. Here Elsa has forged a path for her photography by embracing the artists and writers that bring life and character to Leiria in new and exciting ways. In 2021 began an important journey in photography contributing to the collaborative group Fotographar Palavras, and becoming an integral part of their project. Fotographar Palavras is a group founded by Paulo Kellerman, that combines the talent of writers and photographers, engaging them to collaborate on translating words into photography. Elsa shares her inspiration. “Since 2021, I have contributed to the Fotografar Palavras project, where I often search the self-portrait for the defining elements of meaning. With a predilection for minimalist black and white, my visual exploration is guided by local and temporal ephemera, transforming the peculiarities of the details that I find, in the streets I wander, into brief windows, fragments or reflections of memories and personal essences.” Despite all these years living in Leiria, Elsa never felt a real connection with the city. As a mother of two children, it can be hard to find time to call your own, to focus on what inspires you as an artist, and to commit to making the time to create work. These disconnections became the motivation for the photographic base concept of this project ‘18>>20’, which was conceived to embrace these challenges, and create meaningful work. Elsa shares the creative and critical thinking processes that helped her breathe life into her project and give it a powerful direction. “This project emerged with the intention of connecting me with the city and naturally with myself. The use of a 28mm lens served to reinforce this aim of proximity and intimacy with the city, both metaphorically and technically. From this reflection of my relationship with the city, capturing both details and subtleties as well as the city's identity marks, at the end of this project I came across a series of images that subtly lead to a city-shelter. This theme ended up being as personal as it was universal and will therefore serve as the basis for a cycle of reflective conversations developed in partnership with the municipality of Leiria, publisher of the book.” With critical thoughts and ideologies in place, the creative process becomes the focus. Elsa was driven to make the commitment to create this work in a meaningful way. “During one year, always at the same time of the day (between 18 and 20 o’clock), I wandered around the city and photographed Leiria freely. I created a collection of hundreds of images, composing a subtle and emotional portrait of the city, capturing details and subtleties, permanence and mutations, the subtle identity marks that define the soul of constructions and nature, of spaces, of people. From each weekly selected photograph by Paulo Kellerman, he created a brief text (amalgamation of fiction, philosophical reflection and poetic narrative) that offers new possibilities of reading for those images. The aim of this collaborative work (52 weeks, 52 photos, 52 texts) was to compose a simultaneously artistic, emotional, poetic and imagery portrait of the city in a predetermined period of time, in an intimate relationship between emotion and reflection, urbanism and privacy, collective and individual, space and time, image and word.” One can make a significant statement through their personal work, while sometimes the power can be amplified by combining artistic energy and vision from another artist to create an entity larger than oneself. This was the dynamic and inspiration for both artists to produce this relevant work together. Elsa explains the relationship between her and Paulo Kellerman, and how effective they have become at exchanging artistic concepts and visions through photography and word. “Fascinated by the various readings, interpretations and meanings that are normally attributed to my photographs by observers, already collaborating at the time in a project that combines literature and photography and being an avid supporter of multidisciplinary and interconnection of various artistic expressions, the partnership with the local writer Paulo Kellerman came naturally. Mutual respect and trust in individual works allowed us both to be free in the process of creating images and texts. And it was from this freedom, trust, interconnection of interpretations, individual complicities with the city and complicities between photographer and writer that a new vision as collective as personal was born, created week after week. This process culminated in the publication of a book where growth and discoveries are shared.” Paulo Kellerman shares his experience collaborating with Elsa on this project together. “The project 18 » 20 was an amazing creative experience, based on the complicity between writer and photographer. We had time for this project, and that was very important to us: to have the opportunity to think about and discuss the project, to experiment, to see how it slowly materialized. Elsa is very enthusiastic, very determined, very challenging, very cooperative, very generous; it was an enormous pleasure to work with her and I think it shows in the book. I'm very proud of the work we achieved and also of the way we did it, the process in itself. It was a perfect example of co-creation: sharing and creating together, harmonizing points of views and aesthetics, learning with the other, putting the best of each one in the pursuit of a common goal.” Elsa has created new pathways she follows through the streets of Leiria with her photography. She has embraced a philosophy and vision that inspires her to utilize photography in meaningful ways to create important work. As an artist and photographer, she works with clear vision, and an open mind to learn more and to be influenced in creating new ways of seeing and understanding the world around her. “We exist in a present where photography is as accessible as it is conditioned. Accessible to everyone at the touch of a cell phone but restricted in many contexts to those who want to use it in the shared space as a form of artistic expression. Based on this dichotomy, Elsa Arrais searches in the commonplace of everyday life for a voice that many times echoes beyond the expressiveness of a face; her search for notable physical expressions, as well as places' identity details, seeks to establish words capable of awakening emotions and imaginary (and imagery) interpretations in external observers, usually keeping the identity and intimacy of those portrayed intact. The result of this balance between technique, emotion and delicacy is the creation of an ambivalent language dictionary, as complex as it is simple, which oscillates between light and shadow, geometry and emptiness, being and its outer contour, the concrete and distortion; between what remains immutable and what continues under construction; between freedom and repression. As an existential metaphor, this dictionary continues its quest for permanent growth and mutation, in the hope that one day it will become extinct or transformed into a grammar that, complete in itself, forms part of the universal language of images of the present in which we exist. The present where photography is as accessible as it is conditioned, and therefore needs dictionaries.” Elsa Arrais has presented in national and international exhibitions and magazines, co-author of the book ‘18 >>20’, and currently contributes to several projects that combine literature and photography. Have a look at her portfolio and follow her links for new ways of seeing and thinking about photography. VIEW ELSA'S PORTFOLIO CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and are not necessarily shared by The Pictorial List and the team. Read an interview with Elsa >>> Buy 18 >> 20 read more >>> BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION Martin Parr Foundation supports photography and photographers of the past as well as genuinely mentors and creates new opportunities for photographers of the future. 18 >> 20 Elsa Arrais and Paulo Kellerman composed a simultaneously artistic, emotional, poetic and imagery portrait of Leiria in a predetermined period of time. AMERICAN BEDROOM Barbara Peacock opens the door of American bedrooms, illuminating the intimate thoughts, revealed through the bodies and souls of her subjects. TRAVELLERS & THE APPLEBY HORSE FAIR David Gilbert Wright has gained access to this close-knit community, to capture life at the remarkable Appleby Horse Fair. ZOONOSIS Zoonosis is the culmination of two years of Adrian Pelegrin tracking all the news about the novel coronavirus and its consequences. COMEDIANS In his new book COMEDIANS, Steve Best documents the British comedy scene backstage and onstage. GROUNDED Over the last year, photographer and digital nomad Samantha Brown, has documented the pandemic, mostly from the back of her campervan within local lockdown restrictions. THE PROVINCIAL Conflicting emotions. Good and sad memories. Antonis Giakoumakis takes us on a very personal journey about his province. QUIRKYVISION: The French Connection Impertinent and humorous, Meryl Meisler plunges us into a captivating city and time, 1970s and 1980s New York, with her new exhibition. MELBOURNE UNMASKED Focusing exclusively on one city, AASPI's new book MELBOURNE UNMASKED presents a remarkable array of street photography that features some of Australia’s finest practitioners of the art. FILL THE FRAME The popularity of street photography is greater than ever. Fill the Frame follows eight contemporary New York City street photographers documenting their journeys up to now. SMALL HOURS Through the night to dawn the following morning, Philip Butler takes us on a photo tour of Malvern that the tourist board probably wouldn’t sanction.


    INTERVIEW August 21, 2020 RANDOMNESS OF LIFE ​ Photography by Hersley-Ven Casero Interview by Melanie Meggs As a visual artist, Hersley-Ven Casero has the distinct honor of being able to capture the beauty and uniqueness of everyday life in Dumaguete City, Philippines, where he is based. From the mundane moments to the absolute randomness of life, Hersley-Ven has a unique ability to see and transform what may appear to be nothing more than an ordinary scene into an extraordinary moment of magic. When he's not in his studio creating art, Hersley-ven takes to the streets with his camera in hand, ready to capture the subtle nuances of strangers as they move and interact within their environment. It’s a remarkable gift, the kind that few possess. He is a master of his craft, infusing his art with a captivating intrigue that speaks to the heart and soul of his audience. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of a multidisciplinary visual artist — Hersley-Ven Casero. “As a child and into adulthood, I have always been fascinated with creating images through art. During my time at Foundation University, I was lucky enough to be sponsored equipment and mentored by LA Times photographer Luis Sinco. Upon graduating, I worked for a while as an Art and Photography course teacher, and also conducted - along with Sir Luis, and Magnum Photographer Eli Reed - a series of South Pacific Photography Workshops attended by international photographers. I have since spent the last 16 years exploring the world of photography and continuously learning each day.” IN CONVERSATION WITH HERSLEY-VEN CASERO THE PICTORIAL LIST: What do you want to express through your photography? And what are some of the elements you always try to include in your photographs? HERSLEY-VEN CASERO: I am fascinated by the fact that every time I click the shutter in front of a stranger moving and interacting within their environment, I have caught a little piece of the absolute randomness of life, a snapshot of an otherwise unremarkable moment in history, that is timely, comical, tricky to the eye or just plain beautiful. TPL: Where do you find your inspiration? HVC: I find my inspiration from people, experiences and daily life. TPL: Where is your favourite place to photograph? HVC: I love to travel, and photographing a new place and along with it, its unique people, architecture, culture, movements and light. However, I’m learning more and more - particularly during this lockdown period - that you really don’t have to go very far to find a good picture. I’m learning as of late to rediscover new magic in the mundane of my own backyard. TPL: Who are your favourite artists? HVC: Luis Sinco, an award-winning Los Angeles Times Photographer. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Nikos Economopoulos, Alex Webb, David Alan Harvey, Joel Meyerowitz, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. Just to mention a few. TPL: Has your style of shooting changed since you first started? HVC: Yes. I embrace change and believe in evolving as you learn and experience more. I’m constantly trying to learn and improve and hone in my skills and style. There is always more to explore and discover, and the world is constantly changing around us. ​ ​ I have caught a little piece of the absolute randomness of life, a snapshot of an otherwise unremarkable moment in history, that is timely, comical, tricky to the eye or just plain beautiful. TPL: Do you prefer to photograph alone or with friends? HVC: I enjoy both for different reasons. For me, photographing alone is like a meditation. It’s when I’m at my most focused and serene. Photographing with photographer friends can also be a really fun experience though, as you learn from your peers and bounce ideas off each other along the way, and it can really freshen things up to get a different perspective on things. TPL: How does the equipment you use help you in achieving your vision in your photography? Do you have a preferred lens/focal length? What would you say to someone wanting to start out in your genre of photography? HVC: I’m a versatile photographer. My first serious equipment was sponsored by the Los Angeles Times - zoom lenses and heavy-duty DSLR bodies. For my most recent purchase, after a lot of research and consideration for the way in which I use my equipment, I opted for a Fujifilm camera, and a Prime lens equivalent to 35mm focal length. The best equipment you can have is the one you have. You can always start from somewhere. If purchasing expensive equipment is out of your reach for the time being, I believe in making use of what you have available and it will give you pictures. The reason I chose the Fujifilm – and the advice I would give to someone starting out in Street Photography – is that, as well as being a great camera, it is compact, lightweight and inconspicuous. TPL: How long have you been involved in the artistic world before photography? HVC: My whole life I have been an artist, or at least fascinated with creating images. I started as soon as I could pick up a stick and draw abstract creatures in the dirt. I continued to draw and paint throughout my school years, and my artistic skills earnt me scholarships all the way through my education, until completing my degree. Coming from a very humble background on the outskirts of a small town in the Philippines, art was really my ticket to many opportunities that I may not otherwise have had, and is still my profession as well as my passion to this day. TPL: Are there any special projects you are currently working on? HVC: For the last few months, I have volunteered to officially document the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in my home city. I have been recording the empty streets, the community efforts, and people’s moving personal stories every day since the quarantine period began here in Dumaguete. *Editor's Note: Read Hersley's story QUARANTINE CHRONICLE about this project on the website. TPL: What are some of your goals as an artist? Where do you see yourself or hope to see yourself in five years? HVC: This is a hard question to answer, as the world is full of uncertainty these days, and you never know what’s around each corner. All I know is that I see myself still creating, and still clicking the camera shutter wherever I go. TPL: “When I am not out photographing, I (like to)... HVC: Paint! I like to stay in the studio, listen to soothing music, make art, and watch inspiring documentaries with my equally creative partner.” Hersley-Ven Casero is truly gifted in his ability to capture moments that appear mundane and transform them into something extraordinary. His work has a powerful impact, as he is able to showcase the beauty that emerges from these moments of everyday life. His talent for transforming the ordinary into something truly remarkable speaks to his unique vision and creativity. We invite you to explore his work further. Use the links below to discover more of Hersley-Ven's art and see the world through his eyes. VIEW HERSLEY'S PORTFOLIO Hersley-ven's website >>> Instagram >>> read more interviews >>> EPHEMERAL RHYTHMS Edwin Carungay's "Boardwalk Diary" captures the vibrant, raw essence of life at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, celebrating the diverse and unfiltered humanity that converges along California's iconic coastline. THE ART OF SELF Mia Depaola's photography inspires self-awareness, capturing the beauty of the human spirit and immortalizing it through her insightful lens. TRUE LIFE IMPRESSIONS Matthias Godde's meticulously curates photographs that blend observation with introspection, resonating with profound emotional depth and infused with wit, irony, and occasional absurdity. NATURE KNOWS NO PAUSE Through her photographs Ann Petruckevitch captures the resilience of nature amidst the challenges of climate change, serving as a reflection on humanity’s relationship with the natural world. URBAN ECHOES Through his project “Echo,” Rowell B. Timoteo extends an invitation to explore the vibrant streets of San Fernando, where his lens captures the nuanced interplay of light, shadow, and human emotion. COLORS OF A GREY CITY In Rafa Rojas' photography project, we witness the convergence of passion and purpose, a visual ode to the city of São Paulo he calls home. PRIMAL INSTINCT Tara Sellios invites us to explore the interplay of life and death, of decay and beauty, and to find within that juxtaposition a reflection of our own existential journey. OPPORTUNITIES The Pictorial List partners with International Photography Awards, enhancing resources for photographers worldwide. We interview IPA founder Hossein Farmani, a visionary in photography. MINIMALIST REVERIE Nazanin Davari's minimalist style invites you to an imaginative world where silence and freedom converge, painting unseen beauty with her lens. THE AUTHENTIC GAZE: THE DON'T SMILE PROJECT Delve into the visual anthology of urban youth, a collection of moments where the mundane transcends into the profound, sparked by the click of Amy Horowitz's camera. BLACK AND WHITE WITH A THREAD OF RED Valeria Cunha is fascinated by the street, using it as inspiration to find structure amidst the confusion. Her photography creates intriguing connections and relationships through dynamic compositions that convey emotion. TALES OF A CITY With a passion for exploring the world through his camera lens, Seigar brings a unique perspective to his art, infused with reflections, colors, and icons. 18 >> 20 Elsa Arrais composed a simultaneously artistic, emotional, poetic and imagery portrait of her city in a predetermined period of time. WOMEN WARRIORS OF AZERBAIJAN Fidan Nazimqizi is aware of distinct challenges the women in her community are confronted with on a daily basis. Their struggles have become a focus for her photography. SHOOT NEW YORK CITY Leanne Staples is a passionate and driven street photographer whose honest perspective of city life captures both its simplicity and complexity. TRANSTEMPORAL Russell Cobb is an incredible photographer and storyteller who offers viewers a chance to step into the past and explore the nuances of culture and history. A LOVE SONG TO THE AMERICAN WEST We have the pleasure of seeing and hearing the visual stories created between photographer, Ross Taylor and musician, Russick Smith. As the wind sweeps through the landscapes the notes of a cello fill every void. JESSE'S STORY Jesse’s story becomes a timeless testament of an unconventional and successful fighter. Andrée Thorpe invites us to reflect on the inspiring journey of this brave individual. WALKING BUENOS AIRES We take a deep dive into the journey of Alex Gottfried Bonder - an artist who has spent many years uncovering the soul of Buenos Aires through street photography. UNDER THE COVERS WITH AMERICAN BEDROOM Barbara Peacock, opens the door to her subjects' bedroom, revealing their intimate thoughts and emotions. Discover the confidence and trust shared between the photographer and subject for an authentic and inspiring experience.


    SANDRA FINE be inspired Gallery // ARTIST'S STATEMENT // I photograph all around me, so my work encompasses multiple genres. I have an MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where I was greatly influenced by my teachers and classical photography. I began as a black and white film photographer. Being in the darkroom was my favorite place. Later, I began to paint on my photos. My conversion to working solely in digital color was a slow evolution, but here I am. LOCATION New York UNITED STATES CAMERA Sony A7R2 CATEGORY street, fine art, landscape ​ ​ @SANDY10011 ​ FEATURES // New York Visions


    AHMET HOJAMYRADOV be inspired Gallery // ARTIST STATEMENT // I am a photographer from Minsk, Belarus. A year ago, I started this hobby. Since then I have experimented with different genres. Nowadays, I shoot landscapes, portraits and some astrophotography. I have chosen some photos from my trip to Georgia earlier this year. In this landscape series, I'm happy to share my vision of this beautiful country with you. LOCATION Minsk BELARUS CAMERA Canon 500D CATEGORY landscape ​ @AHMET.HOJAMYRADOV ​ ​ FEATURES // Beautiful Georgia


    GEORG REITER be inspired Gallery // ARTIST STATEMENT // I was born in Salzburg, but I have now lived in Vienna for a long time. I prefer architecture and landscape photography. I am always in search of symmetrical forms in architecture and landscape and wanting to capture the mood and convey that in my photography. LOCATION Vienna AUSTRIA CAMERA Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Mark IV CATEGORY Fine Art, Architecture, Landscape, Travel WEBSITE @GREITER55 ​ ​ FEATURES // Cycling Cuba In The Mood For Beauty


    THE BLUE HOUR PHOTO COLLABORATIVE be inspired Gallery // ARTIST'S STATEMENT // After meeting in an online photo salon, Vin Sharma, Lisa Jayce, and Emily Passino have begun exploring how to work on photography together. Partly because we are at different stages in life and bring different cultural backgrounds to the conversation, we are interested in examining time - seasons, transitions, hours of the day, the arc of life. ​As an early exercise, we have started constructing a series of visual conversations - triptychs - with each one of us contributing a prompt photograph, which the others build upon. During this process, at times, the response photos have led to entirely different sequences. Often the initial image has wound up in the middle or at the end of the arrangement. But in all cases, each photographer has contributed one photo to the triptych, and all three photographers agree that the story has been found. ​Living in different cities, we have been collaborating virtually. Not only has The Blue Hour become a source of creativity for us, but it has also forged a friendship grounded in our love of photography, imagination, and expression. We are drawing energy from our dialogues about connections and the stories between our images, looking forward to seeing where this all may lead. We invite others to consider what our work might say to them as well. LOCATION Brooklyn, New York City & Nashville CAMERA Canon R5, Fujifilm X100F, and Fujifilm XE2S CATEGORY conceptual WEBSITE @THE BLUE HOUR PHOTO COLLABORATIVE ​ ​ FEATURES // Call and Response


    ANA-MARIA ALB ARTIST'S STATEMENT // My journey is a tale woven with a deep love for nature and a profound connection to the historical region of Bukovina in North Romania. After a decade immersed in the vibrant cultures of Germany and Austria, a transformative hike in Gura Humorului, my grandparents' town, took me back to the roots of my heritage. I made the decision to relocate and dedicate myself to discovering and promoting the hidden gems of the region. Armed with a tourism guide certification, I earned the authorization to serve as a local guide - an opportunity that allowed me to share the magic of Bukovina with others. LOCATION Bukovina ROMANIA CAMERA/S Canon Powershot SX 540HS and SonyDSC-XV60V CATEGORY travel, documentary WEBSITE @_ANAMARIAALB_ @ANAMARIAALB ​ FEATURES // A Tale of Nature and Heritage


    SOPHIE LINCKERSDORFF be inspired Gallery // ARTIST'S STATEMENT // I grew up in a household of art dealers and thus had some early exposure to the art world. This later influenced my development as a photographer. Focusing on storytelling and documentary photography, I am now a photojournalist, travelling the world with the goal of taking pictures that are thought-provoking rather than merely beautiful. LOCATION Berlin GERMANY CAMERA not disclosed CATEGORY documentary WEBSITE ​ @SOPHIE.LINCKERSDORFF ​ FEATURES // Exclusion Zone Stories To Be Told


    ANDREW ROVENKO be inspired Gallery // ARTIST'S STATEMENT // My photography journey started close to 20 years ago, when a colleague of mine saw some of my amateur pictures and said that they are better than the product photography that was made for them by professionals, which was very flattering to hear. Next thing I knew - I was doing all photography for our company. This then escalated to me being invited to freelance as a magazine photographer, which was a very steep learning curve, as I was getting all kinds of assignments and had to learn to think very fast on my feet and adapt to all kinds of environments and situations. Many photography experiences later, from wedding to advertising - this never became a full time job. I found that doing commercial photography that has specific client demands and timelines is rarely compatible with one's creative expression, for which I loved photography in the first place. And then if you have to do it all the time - it's very easy to burn out. That's why I scaled it back to just personal projects using the film camera, so that I can just enjoy it for myself... But somehow this exact thing has resonated with so many people, way beyond any of my commercial work. LOCATION Melbourne AUSTRALIA CAMERA Mamiya RZ-67 (for Rocketgirl Chronicles) CATEGORY documentary, fine art, conceptual WEBSITE ​ @ROVENKO ​ FEATURES // Rocketgirl Chronicles View of the World


    FIDAN NAZIMQIZI be inspired Gallery // ARTIST'S STATEMENT // Born in the city of Baku in Azerbaijan, I still live in Baku, but travel often to other countries. I mostly take black and white photos and try to reflect the emotions of people on the street. I like photography so much, because I believe photography can give us energy, feelings, and inspiration in life. Within the hue of the nature and city, I always find myself calm. Most of the time I try my best to capture it in my camera. I love traveling around my city to see it's interesting creations. Wherever I travel, it is not only the place; it is also the people that make my journey memorable That is what my rules of work is all about - people and nature - reflecting my own vision as evidence of reality. My notions of what is worth looking is arranging elements and making compositions. LOCATION Baku AZERBAIJAN CAMERA 3100D Nikon, Yashica 35GSN, Canon 85N, Fujifilm JZ100 CATEGORY documentary, street, fine art photography ​ ​ @FIDAN__NAZIMQIZI ​ FEATURES // Life in Qriz Warrior Women of Azerbaijan


    PICTORIAL STORY April 14, 2023 SHADES OF THE COALMAN ​ Photography and story by Simone Batini In the small town of Pescaglia, located in the Serchio Valley, immersed in the woods of the Italian hills of the Tuscany region, the Art of the Coalman is handed down. An ancient and very important trade in the past for this area, because coal was at that time the engine of every house and of many craft activities such as the ironworks present in this area. Luigi Massei is nicknamed “the last charcoal burner” who still today, keeps this trade alive, which Luigi has passed on with passion to his son Arturo and grandchildren Diego and Fabio. It is a hard and complex process that begins with the accumulation of wood, deposited outdoors in a flat area usually close to the forest. From here, the process to obtain coal starts, which develops in the phases of winding, shoeing, veneering, combustion, drawing, cooking, leavening and finally packaging. A hard job, between sweat and smoke, no distractions are allowed for the entire process, where the charcoal pit is kept under control day and night. In the end, the result obtained is an excellent quality coal, which today is no longer used as a lucrative activity. At the end of a long day, in the main image above, Luigi's worn, and dirty hands hold a photo that has a very important meaning for him, between the hope and the feeling that this art will be preserved for many more years and generations for the Massi family. An old farmhouse in the first light of the morning, frames the place where the processing takes place to obtain the coal. The eye (circular access hole) is located at the top of the Carbonaia, and is used in the subsequent phases to feed the fire inside. Luigi and his son Arturo seek the right balance to correctly position the first part of the wood. With a lot of patience Luigi continues the work and arranges the wood in a circular way, the charcoal pit slowly takes shape. The covering phase, carried out with care, consists in covering the charcoal pile from the bottom upwards first with a layer of hay. And then with one layer of earth. Continued, then ending with the positioning of a circular basket which acts as a temporary cap, so as to keep intact the only access point to the heart of Carbonaia. The infuocatura is undoubtedly the most spectacular process. The charcoal burner equipped with a wooden ladder reaches the top of the Carbonaia from where they light the fire inside. A powerful smoke is released. The fire is fed slowly with the addition of small pieces of wood. Then Arturo manually closes the hole/eye using portions of earth obtained from the nearby field. The fire in the absence of oxygen burns slowly and without flame so as to transform the wood into coal. Between dust and smoke the Carbonai carry out the decarbonation, a phase in which the coal is separated from the earth and isolated to be collected with a lot of effort and sweat. © Simone Batini The work is carried out non-stop. © Simone Batini The coal is finally collected and placed in ancient cloth sacks to then be weighed, each sack is partially closed using wooden twigs where the exact weight is written above. © Simone Batini © Simone Batini Simone Batini’s SHADES OF THE COALMAN project strives to document the traditional trades and crafts that are slowly being replaced by industry and social changes in the Tuscany region of Italy. Through this project, Simone has done an incredible job of capturing the beauty of the hard and complex process of making coal and telling Luigi Massei’s story of passing on his trade to his son and grandkids. It is clear from this project that Simone wants to preserve and document this ancient art for future generations. To see more of these projects please visit Simone's portfolio and read his stories. view Simone's portfolio View other projects by Simone - "Times Past" >>> "An Artist's Place" >>> Read an interview with Simone >>> Instagram >>> The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and are not necessarily shared by The Pictorial List and the team. read more stories >>> KOALA COUNTRY Sean Paris invites viewers on a transformative journey, challenging our perceptions and fostering a new appreciation for rural Australia through mesmerizing infrared photography. MOMMIE Arlene Gottfried’s poignant exploration of motherhood in “Mommie” is not just a collection of photographs but a profound tribute to the enduring bonds of family and the universal experiences of love, loss, and resilience. BIFRÖST In "Bifröst," Romain Coudrier masterfully captures Norway's timeless beauty, blending myth with modernity through black and white photography. A stunning exploration. MUD Dedipya Basak's documentary project explores an 800-year-old lake's struggle against global warming, highlighting its relevance and urgency in modern times. A WORLD WITHIN REACH In his Cuba project, Pedro Vidal celebrates human resilience and warmth through captivating imagery, revealing photography's profound ability to encapsulate emotions and memories. UNVEILING VULNERABILITY In a world where masculinity is often synonymous with stoicism and strength, Francesca Tiboni challenges us to reevaluate our perceptions of masculinity, inviting us to embrace the complexity of the male emotional experience. TRANSCENDENTS: SPIRIT MEDIUMS IN BURMA AND THAILAND Mariette Pathy Allen's visual narrative celebrates authenticity, spotlighting Spirit Mediums' enigmatic presence in both possession and daily life. She portrays them as essential to cultures steeped in Animism, reflecting the enduring essence of human authenticity. COALESCENCE Visual diptychs intricately depicting the intimate exchange between a mother and daughter, transcending personal narratives to explore universal themes of transition, acceptance, and the beauty of change. IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ANSEL ADAMS In following the footsteps of the masterful Ansel Adams, Karin Svadlenak Gomez not only paid homage to his timeless work but also embarked on a transformative journey. PARALELL REALITIES Through her lens, Catia Montagna explores the impact of socioeconomic factors and social norms on our daily lives, revealing the subtle poetry of small, insignificant moments that capture the ‘existential’ and the ephemeral, in the human condition. A TALE OF NATURE AND HERITAGE With her words and photographs, Ana-Maria Alb invites readers to join her on a journey through the breathtaking Carpathians. ON THE TRAIL OF LOVE LOST Through Sasha’s photo essay, we are given a glimpse into a beautiful love story and the unbreakable strength and resilience of the human spirit. Join us as we explore Sasha Ivanov’s heartfelt tribute to Lydia and Nikolai. SAHIB: THE FRANKINCENSE BOY France Leclerc’s documentary exploration embraces the community finding captivating stories for her visual translations. Her story takes us to the village of Poshina, where we meet Sahib. THEY HAVE GONE Lorenzo Vitali felt compelled to explore the landscapes of Eastern Veneto, to understand its emotional affective relationship and document it through his photography. I AM WATER Paola Ferrarotti explores her deep connection with the water and how it has transformed her understanding of life and herself. THE STRANDED PAKISTANIS Anwar Ehtesham captures the beauty of human emotion in all its rawest forms in the face of adversity and offers an insight into the complexity of the lives of the Bihari people and their relationship with their environment. BLINDFOLD CHESS Anastasiya Pentyukhina’s documentation of blindfolded chess provides an insight into this often overlooked world of sports, and sheds light on the unique challenges faced by visually impaired players. SKIN STORIES Tony Reddrop strives to look beyond the ink in his latest project, believing that by looking beyond the physical appearance of a person you will find their unique story. WHERE THE WAVES MEET THE OCEAN Uma Muthuraaman explores the idea of finding in ourselves what we seek in other people and places — like waves searching for the ocean, being it, and not knowing it. THE ARTISANAL SALT FARMERS OF GOZO Naima Hall takes us on a journey with the Cini family, giving us a glimpse into their artisanal salt-farming practices and uncovering the broader geo-heritage of Gozo. CRACKS TO MEND Through her powerful photographs, Ida Di Pasquale shares the story of her birth house in Italy - a village that was left in ruins after two fatal earthquakes. THE WHIRLING DERVISHES OF KONYA Follow Rpnunyez's journey as he captures the beauty and strength of the Whirling Dervishes as they perform their ritual dance. SAHARA: THE SHAPE AND THE SHADOW Lorenzo Vitali's Sahara is a captivating exploration of the intangible power of nature. His photos show the changing shapes of the sand, but also highlights the complexity of the interplay between light and dark. WIDOWS' HOLI Celebratory colors of Holi fill the ancient city of Vrindavan! Street and documentary photographer Abhay Patel captures the unique Widow's Holi in his lens, bringing to life the joyous emotions of the festival. RIPPLED REALITIES The panorama has been redefined in the work of photographer, Susan Bowen. Her fearless journey created new thinking patterns that motivated and inspired a profound body of work.


    NEVILLE NEWMAN be inspired Gallery // ARTIST'S STATEMENT // I am an unrecognized, unfeted, and unknown photo-enthusiast. You won't find me writing about myself in the third person, listing the publications whose pages I have enlivened by my work or giving a catalogue of the equipment I have used. I do not classify myself as any one type of photographer. I simply want to share my experiences in different settings and locations. LOCATION Hamilton CANADA CAMERA Canon 7D and 7D Mkii, Mamiya 6 CATEGORY all genres WEBSITE ​ @XSBMRNR ​ FEATURES // Wildcats Winning Women Tomorrow's A Mystery

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