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November 10, 2021


Photography by Daniel Goldenberg
Interview by Melanie Meggs

Daniel Alejandro Goldenberg is an Argentinian street photographer with an interest focused mainly on capturing characters and everyday situations on the streets of Buenos Aires. Street photography is a passion that cultivated as a hobby for Daniel which has helped him focus his gaze on the social and individual environment that surrounds him, giving him the possibility of observing reality in a less superficial and more humane way.

“I believe that street photography is the most artistic and sincere way of showing the essence of the human being in its urban context.”


THE PICTORIAL LIST: Daniel please tell us how did you become interested in photography?

DANIEL GOLDENBERG: I have always been interested in photography in some way, perhaps by inheritance, since my father was a photographer by profession. Observing the naturalness and spontaneity of the style of the great street photographers of the 20th century, I realized that street photography was the style that best suited my need for artistic expression.

TPL: What does street photography mean to you? Describe your style. Where or how do you find inspiration?

DG: I believe that street photography is the most artistic and sincere way of showing the essence of the human being in its urban context.

My style is quite eclectic, maybe even a bit chaotic, depending on what catches my eye at any given moment. Although I try to maintain a minimum coherence in style, I do not let that intention make the process of taking photos boring and repetitive simply for fun and artistic expression.

My inspiration comes mostly intuitively when I hit the streets, although a small percentage of planning ahead always comes in handy.

TPL: Did you have any difficulties when you started street photography? If so, what are they?

DG: I had the typical difficulty of coming face to face with people with a camera in between, but with the passage of time, practice and training, I began to move naturally and learned to blend in with the environment with greater ease.

TPL: What are some are some tips or suggestions that you would give yourself if you started photographing again?

DG: I would advise to start this beautiful activity as soon as possible and not go out without a camera in my pocket.

TPL: Do you have any favourite artists or photographers you would like to share with us, and the reason for their significance?

DG: In these times of Instagram, I have a lot of favorite photographers. The current possibility of being able to appreciate the work of so many good photographers is wonderful. Among some of my favorites are Roy Savoy and David Gibson.

Of course, constant inspiration comes from observing the work of classics like Vivian Maier, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Elliott Erwitt, etc. Some classics from my country, such as Horacio Coppola and Sameer Makarius and the contemporary Alex Gottfried Bonder, a great street photographer from the city of Buenos Aires, whom I have the honour to know personally for having participated in one of his workshops.

My style is quite eclectic, maybe even a bit chaotic, depending on what catches my eye at any given moment.

TPL: When you are photographing, how much is instinctive versus planned?

DG: It depends on the place and the mood in which I wake up that day, but generally there is a balance between instinct and advance planning.

TPL: Does the equipment you use help you achieve your vision in your photography? What camera do you use? Do you have a preferred lens/focal length?

DG: Depending on the circumstances, I use one of the two cameras that I have at the moment. In situations where the size of the camera is not an impediment, such as tourist places, events, etc. I use a Canon 80D reflex camera, which allows me great battery life, usually with a 24mm lens (35mm FF). Normally, where more discretion is required, I usually go out with a very small mirrorless camera, a Panasonic GM-1 with a 20mm (40mm FF) lens.

TPL: Is there a project you are currently working on that you would like everyone to know about? What are some of your goals as an artist or photographer? Where do you hope to see you in five years?

DG: Not at this precise moment, but I have in mind to combine historical scenes from Buenos Aires with spontaneous street situations in the same project.

I hope to improve as a photographer in general terms and in the future to be able to launch a graphic publication about my work in street photography.

TPL: “When I am not out photographing, I (like to)...

DG: When I'm not photographing I want to be photographing.”

Daniel's eclectic view of street photography is an artistic sincere way of showing the essence of the human in an urban context. To view more of his photography please use the links below.

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