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April 23, 2021


Photography by Sophie Linckersdorff
Interview by Karin Svadlenak Gomez

Sophie Linckersdorff is a German photographer who grew up in a household of art dealers and thus had some early exposure to the art world. This later influenced her development as a photographer. Focused on storytelling and documentary photography, she is now a photojournalist, travelling the world with the goal of taking pictures that are thought-provoking rather than merely beautiful.

“I was born and grew up in Bavaria, Germany. I became interested in art before I knew I would become photographer. I was strongly influenced by my parents, who are art dealers. When I was 15 I got my first camera. From this moment on it is my constant companion. Today my focus is on authentically visual storytelling and documentary photography. Since 2018, right after school, I study documentary photography and photojournalism in Munich. My passion has turned into my profession.”


THE PICTORIAL LIST: Sophie, where do you find your inspiration?

SOPHIE LINKERSDORFF: Absolutely everywhere. In the streets, in art, in the newspaper. Travelling, nature, people are my greatest source of inspiration. Paintings teach me how to compose images.

TPL: Have you ever been involved in the artistic world before photography?

SL: I grew up in a family of art dealers. That was my door opener for the world of art, for which I am very grateful!

TPL: Do you have any favourite artists and photographers?

SL: There are so many. I’m really fascinated by Henri Cartier Bresson, the street photographer Vivian Maier and Sebastiao Salgado.

TPL: Does the equipment you use help you in achieving your vision in your photography? What camera do you use? Do you have a preferred lens/focal length?

SL: It is not all about equipment. Its mainly about observation and the sense of the "decisive moment". Vision is in mind, equipment helps to capture the vision you had for that shot. The most important tools are my eyes, not the camera.

There is a story behind every single picture. I am open minded and I like to be surprised.

TPL: What are some of your goals as an artist? Where do you see yourself or hope to see yourself in five years?

SL: My primary goal as an photographer is to tell stories and to share them. I do not intend to make “beautiful“ pictures. My pictures should be thought-provoking.

In five years I wish to be a well-known international photojournalist and to reach a wide range of people with my photos.

TPL: Are there any special projects you are currently working on that you would like to let everyone know about?

SL: I am working on several long term projects. Let yourself be surprised and stay tuned.

TPL: When I am not out photographing, I (like to)...

SL: I love to learn foreign languages and travel around the world discovering new cultures. When I am home in Germany I love being in the Alps and going hunting.

Thanks for listing me as a 2021 photographer. I feel very honoured.

Focused on storytelling, Sophie travels the world with the goal of taking pictures that are thought provoking and beautiful. Currently working on several long term projects please be sure to follow Sophie on Instagram to keep up to date.

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